Many of us make New Year’s resolutions every January. But statistics show that 80 per cent of people who make them will have broken them by end of January.

If you feel like this is you, don’t fret. Most of us can agree, especially with recent holiday indulgences, that improving personal fitness and nutrition is an intimidating idea. But the secret to getting motivated and keeping the momentum going into the spring is to follow these three simple guidelines:
When we first set fitness and wellness resolutions, we’re often inclined to make a goal to spend every day at the gym and eat clean 100 per cent of the time. There is a reason these are too often broken – they are hard to accomplish. Listen to your body and do what feels good for you. Modify your lifestyle to a healthy one that fits your needs and is one you’ll be able to sustain throughout the year. Experts say that it only takes 21 days to create a lasting habit. While that may seem like a lot, three weeks will come quickly and there are many resources out there to help you through it, from fitness plans to eating guides. If you miss a day, don’t stress about it, you can get back on track tomorrow. Staying positive about your wellness journey will keep you on track to reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle well into the future.

If you are able to make it to day 21, you’ll set the stage for the rest of the year and will be on the right track to meeting your fitness and nutrition goals.