The current COVID-19 situation continues to change by the hour many days, but as it unfolds further, it is becoming increasingly clear that kids will remain out of school for longer than we initially thought and hoped.

For parents, we can understand the last few weeks have been challenging, and also understand wanting to help your children continue to learn while schools decide how things will work moving forward.  We wanted to note that this a great opportunity to integrate topics and learning that might not be part of traditional school curriculum, but are important things for kids to learn about, like financial literacy.

In our efforts to support you at home with your children if you are a parent, or to assist you if you are a teacher using an at home learning portal, we here at CFEE have identified several resources that may be useful for you. Each of these provides engaging and easy to use resources and activities to help kids continue to learn while at home.

Talk With Our Kids About Money
Home Program – Easy to implement activity plans to guide discussions and activities for kids aged 5-18+, available in English and French

School Program – Targeted lesson plans aligned to provincial curriculum outcomes (simply select your province from the dropdown menu) in every subject area at grade 7, available in English and French

Money and Youth – a financial literacy resource, designed in 14 Modules, for secondary students, and ideal for the Careers Studies Grade 10 course. Includes student resources for self-exploration and activity and a complementary Teachers Guide (and Parent’s Guide), available in English and French

Money Laughs – Produced by Just For Laughs Gags, a series of ten humourous videos that explore basic money concepts, along with provided teaching materials, available in English and French

NextGen Edition – Online resource featuring articles in the Globe and Mail that are particularly relevant to Canadian students – featuring a portal for youth and parents, and a special Teacher’s portal with Lesson Plans, written by teachers in appropriate pedagogical format –  related to the articles that we feature

Entrepreneurship: The Spirit of Adventure (E:SA) – Video profiles of more than 30 Canadian entrepreneurs selected to motivate and inspire Canadians to explore the world of work as an Entrepreneur and to offer advice on a range of topics related to entrepreneurship and enterprising activity

Building Futures – Framework and lesson plans for Grades 4-10. Although this resource has specific to Manitoba Curriculum Outcomes, it is still a useful resource in other jurisdictions to support integration of financial literacy into all subject areas, available in English and French

Money and Monetary Policy – A resource developed with the Bank of Canada, organized in modular format to align to topics appropriate for an Intro to Business, or Economics related secondary curriculum. Easy to implement lesson plans are included in the Teacher’s Guide for each module, available in English and French

A Homeschooling Primer – An overview of how to successfully homeschool together with a list of easy to follow ideas to start a discussion on a number of great topics around money, community and future

We are identifying and developing more resources to support at home learning as appropriate, and we will share those with you periodically over the coming weeks.