PURCHASE: with as little as 5% down!

… first-time homebuyer
… employee or self-employed
… multiple borrowers, including friends and family
… cash-back once improvements are completed

Newly immigrated or located to Canada

… purchase with as little as 5% down

US buyers and international investors

… financing options to purchase Canadian real estate

Building a rental property portfolio

… with as little as 20% down

Vacation/recreational property

… own a retreat with as little as 5% down



Refinance/equity take-out

… use the equity in your home to invest, pay-off higher-interest liabilities, and/or complete home renovations
… HELOC (secured line of credit)
… interest-only and other low-payment options
… access to second/third mortgage financing, including private source financing


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Private Mortgages

Lending and Investing in Private Mortgages

Real estate debt investing presents an alternative asset class that can protect and build wealth.

Three traditional reasons for investing in private mortgages include:

1. Portfolio diversification
2. Accessing premium and generally secure income yeilds
3. Potential for attractive total returns that should be protected from inflation

(Source: Stanyer, P. 2006)

Lending a private mortgage at a comfortable loan to value presents an investor with the benefit of earning a fixed stream of income from real estate with limited exposure to real estate equity.

There are opportunities to lend private mortgages from a wide spectrum, including residential / commercial, urban / rural, in-construction / completed.

Investing in a private mortgage is an RRSP eligible investment.

Credit Repair


Credit repair lending options: with as little as 20% down

… need for debt consolidation to improve cash flow
… bruised credit
… discharged bankruptcy or consumer proposal

More Solutions


Make your mortgage interest tax deductible


Bridge/interim financing

… make an offer without needing to sell your other property first


…over 55yrs and wanting access to your home-equity for investment or retirement?



Land purchase and/or construction financing

… buy-to-hold, or buy-to-build


Commercial financing

… financing options for mixed use, storage, retail/office, multi-family housing and other commercial properties

Find a mortgage that works best for you

Is your current mortgage up for renewal? Are you looking for additional funds? Or maybe buying the home of your dreams? Get a mortgage that not only meets your unique requirements, but also helps you get ahead by being more “debt effective”.