Our Philosophy

When you get your mortgage right, everything else becomes possible.  

First, we take the time to get to know you and your goals of real estate ownership.

Next we discuss your current financial situation and cash flow.  It isn’t worth becoming ‘house-rich’ at the expense of becoming “lifestyle-poor” and so, among the options of variable or fixed rates and longer amortizations we plan a mortgage strategy to suit your unique circumstances.

Finally, we proceed to secure your financing directly with the chartered bank, credit union, or mortgage bank of your choice.

Helping clients better understand the mortgage process, and empowering them with the tools to make an informed decision is the most important way we add value.  Building trust and lasting relationships with our clients is something we take great pride in.

Privacy Policy

VERICO Paragon Custom Mortgages’ Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Protected

At Custom Mortgages, an important part of our commitment to provide you with service excellence is our respect for your right to privacy.

Keeping our customers’ information and affairs in strict confidence is a cornerstone of our business. The range of products and services we offer our customers continues to expand, and the technology we use continues to change. But, no matter how our business changes, we’ll always protect your privacy.

When you first become a customer and whenever you apply for more products and services, besides your name, address and telephone number, we need information to:

– establish your identification

– protect you and us from error and fraud

– understand your needs and eligibility for products and services

– recommend particular products and services to meet your needs

– provide ongoing service

– comply with legal requirements

Protecting your Privacy Means:

– we keep your information and the business you do with us in strict confidence

– your information is not sold

– you have control over how we obtain, use, and give out information about you

– you have access to the information we have about you

– we respect your privacy when we market our products and services

We Protect Your Information From Error, Loss and Unauthorized Access

Our employees who have access to your information are made aware of how to keep it confidential. Each employee must sign an agreement stating that maintaining confidentiality is a condition of employment with VERICO Paragon Custom Mortgages Ltd.

Our computer security specialists build security into all our computer systems.

This protects your information at all times, when it is stored in data files or handled by our employees. Our systems also protect your information when it is transmitted.

Your Information Is Destroyed When It Is No Longer Needed

We keep your information only so long as we need it for the products and services you’re using, to offer you products and services when you are a customer and for a reasonable time thereafter, or to meet any legal requirements. We have retention standards which meet these requirements. We destroy your information when it is no longer needed, or we remove your name from the information.

Find a mortgage that works best for you

Is your current mortgage up for renewal? Are you looking for additional funds? Or maybe buying the home of your dreams? Get a mortgage that not only meets your unique requirements, but also helps you get ahead by being more “debt effective”.