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At Custom Mortgages we empower our clients to take control of their financial future. Our mortgage brokers provide solutions to real estate ownership that help clients maximize the power of their hard-earned money and get ahead!

As mortgage brokers in Burnaby and North Vancouver, we stand above the competition by providing our clients with personalized and effective debt strategies, to help ensure their net worth grows each year. We love helping new home buyers understand how to qualify for a mortgage, and helping existing home owners calculate how to pay off their mortgage faster with strategies such as the “Smith Maneuver”.

Sure you want the lowest mortgage rate, and we’ve got access to a full range of the best options including banks and credit unions. A mistake home buyers often make is thinking the most important thing is getting the lowest interest rate.

While we agree the lowest interest rate is important, that alone doesn’t matter if you’re left burdened by other growing debt five years from now. That’s why as a goal-oriented mortgage broker, we get to know your larger financial picture and cash-flow demands. This way you’ll not only know what the requirements are to qualify for a mortgage and how to pay off your mortgage faster, but you’ll also gain appreciation for how your mortgage can help support your larger financial picture.

For retired homeowners looking for a mortgage broker in Burnaby or North Vancouver, talk to us about how a reverse mortgage option can provide you with tax-free income and help enhance your lifestyle without draining your investments.

By fitting your mortgage financing within your lifestyle budget, we help ensure you’ll be closer to achieving your financial goals when we reconnect at renewal time.

We’re proudly located in Burnaby, British Columbia in the vibrant community of “the Heights” servicing the Burnaby and North Vancouver regions, for real estate financing across Canada.

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