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At Custom Mortgages we empower our clients to take control of their financial future by providing solutions to real estate ownership that helps them maximize the power of their hard-earned money and get ahead! Only an effective debt strategy can ensure that your net worth grows each year. This is our specialty.

Sure you want the lowest mortgage rate, and we’ve got access to a full range of the best options including banks and credit unions, but the lowest interest rate doesn’t matter if you’re left burdened by other growing debt five years from now. By fitting your mortgage financing within your lifestyle budget, we help ensure you’ll be closer to achieving your financial goals when we reconnect at renewal time.

Why Custom?

Our exceptional expertise and personalized service comes for no additional cost to you, our client.

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When you get your mortgage right, everything else becomes possible.


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Is your current mortgage up for renewal? Are you looking for additional funds? Or maybe buying the home of your dreams? Get a mortgage that not only meets your unique requirements, but also helps you get ahead by being more “debt effective”.